Cebarka Ltd. participated in the ´Algoma 650-740´ newbuilding project – self-unloading bulk carriers intended for service on The Great Lakes & The St. Lawrence River, owned by Algoma Central Corporation, a shipping company from St. Catharines, Canada. Project commenced in 2016 and is presently ongoing at 3.MAJ shipyard – Rijeka, Croatia.


·       2 sister ships of 198m Loa, (31000 DWT)

·       3 sister ships of 225m Loa (35900 DWT)

·       B = 23.77 m, T = 9.4 m, H = 13.58 m

·       M/E power: 7.100 kW

·       Fully integrated remote controlled self-unloading system comprising cargo holds, discharge gates, two tunnel conveyors, two transverse conveyors, C-loop type elevator and discharge boom conveyor located at forward end of the vessel at main deck.

·       SUL system shall have an effective cubic capacity of 5.450 m3/hour.