Cebarka Ltd. participating into newbuilding project of 82.000 DWT bulk carriers intended for shipping company „Atlantska Plovidba“ from Dubrovnik, client from Croatia. Project commence in 2022. and presently ongoing at Jiangsu New Hantong shipyard – Yangzhong, China.


  • 2 sister ships
  • Loa = 229,00 m, B = 32.26 m, T = 12.20 m, H = 20.35 m, v = 14 knot
  • M/E power: 14.000 kW
  • normal worldwide service
  • The vessel to be constructed and fitted up so as to be capable of carrying grain in bulk or sack, coal, iron ore and other dry cargoes
  • NOx emission control
  • Ballast water treatment

The vessel to be designed and built with

  • single continuous deck with forecastle.

The cargo area to have seven (7) cargo holds. Cargo holds to be constructed as single skin with topside tanks, hopper tanks and double bottom.