Dear Client, welcome to Cebarka Ltd. website!

Thank you for visiting our website and hopefully as you go on exploring it you will become thoroughly introduced to our services, references, professionalism, as well as our commitment to assist you in managing your comprehensive and valuable projects.

Cebarka Ltd. ensures you that our project management team of experienced and highly skilled professionals will make every effort to secure the highest-quality standards throughout the shipbuilding process. Also, you can be sure to receive a well-built vessel in accordance with the contract and specifications.

We guarantee that your investment will be handled with more care than if it were our own. Such approach has brought us our clients’ trust for more than a decade now and each new project we engaged in was based on good quality and recommendation from the previous one. Our clients are certain to benefit from such Cebarka Ltd. ‘make a difference’ supervision policy and can be carefree and enjoy lower life cycle costs of their vessels for much, much longer. Bad experiences and disappointments which you faced in the past due to engaging unskilled and incompetent supervision teams who managed your projects shouldn’t happen again; now you have a choice!

We hope that this website will provide the answers to all the questions you might have regarding our area of expertise and we are looking forward to receiving a request for either a full project management or a partial supervision quotation for a project ahead of you.

Yours sincerely,

Ante Pavicic,

Managing Director